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Did you know that I am a cum eating coach? It’s true! I have been helping men eat their own spunk for many years now. I can help you, too!

I’ve boasted in the past to have a better than 90% success rate when it comes to cum eating training. That means that someone that calls for the first time and has never eaten their cum; will end up with cum in their mouth by the end of our call – 90% of the time! I think that’s a pretty high success rate! Truly, if you already know that you are craving that semen; we’re halfway to the goal of beginning your cum addiction!

Today I want to offer my cock control lovers, blog subscribers and LDW readers the opportunity to really challenge themselves.

Warning: This is for experienced cum eaters ONLY!

Don’t try this for your first time!

This cum eating challenge is called: Tower of Loads! It’s part of my personal fetish of having you save multiple loads of cum and slurp them up in one sitting. In this challenge you’ll follow the instructions below and ultimately call me to complete the task! I guarantee many orgasmic explosions!

Cum Tower Challenge Instructions

Here Over five nights (no, they do not need to be consecutive); you are to masturbate and yes, you are to cum. When you cum I want you to collect every drop in a ziplock baggie. Put the ziplock baggie into the freezer. You’re to do this five times – five loads. Shoot your load into the same bag each time; literally piling it on top of the last load! Just take the baggie out of the freezer for your masturbation session and add each load to it. Yes, it’s ok if you have more than five loads for me by the time you call!

I recommend emailing me prior to our call to let me know that you’ve completed the first part of the challenge and are ready for the final step! scarlet@enchantrixempire.com You are also welcome to post in the comments section below with your success stories! I’d also love to hear about your favorite cum eating games and challenge ideas.


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