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I’ve been offering cum eating guidance and coaching for several years here at LDW. I’ve been featured on the Coached Cum Eating website that specializes in women that love helping men eat their own cum. I’ve also written many blog posts and have even recorded erotic audios on the subject (sample those and many others on our erotic audio site).

Lately, I’ve been getting this question quite often during cum eating sessions:

When should I eat it? Now or Later?

That’s such a perfect question! Depending on your level of cum eating experience; you may want to eat it directly from the source (ask me about the ‘cum eating position’) or you may want to eat it off of a small plate or perhaps even to go as far as actually saving your cum and eating it at a much later time (example: freezing a load and eating it several days later).

My recommendation is….

If you’re new to eating your own cum and/or a first timer; I definitely recommend the NOW option. I think you should eat it directly from the source (straight from your cock – as in; into your face) or you could eat it right off of your hand, etc. Often when you first start exploring this fetish; you may lose the urge to eat it after you orgasm. I have a lot of experience with first timers and newbies; so call me for some guidance, encouragement and direction.

After you get used to eating it regularly; you’ll be much better able to wait and eat it at a later time. Cum saving can be so hot! I’ve had several clients save multiple loads for me over the years – I often play cum eating games – I even issued a ‘cum tower challenge‘ a while back!

Have you ever saved your cum?

Have you? Or are you more of an ‘eat it when it happens’ kindof guy? I want to know! Will you post in the comments section and tell me about your cum eating habits? I can’t wait to hear from you if you decide you want to give cum eating a try or if you are already a pro!