Domination – What does it mean to you? We here at LDW are often called Mistresses, Dominatrixes or Femme Dommes – do these delicious terms of endearment turn you on? What is it about these words that makes your cock twitch? Are you interested in being dominated but not sure if your desire is ok? Let’s explore some options here…………………….

First off; yes, I am a Mistress. When I use that term in regards to myself; it makes me feel respected, knowledgeable, experienced, capable and most importantly; in control. When I use the same term in reference to being ‘your’ Mistress; it can mean many things because every single person has different fantasies, needs, expectations and desires. Even you. What type of Phone Sex Domination are you looking for? Here are a few of the more recent domination requests that I’ve heard; and ALL of them are welcomed by me and catered to by me…………………………if yours isn’t listed; that doesn’t mean in any way that it’s not an option. Let’s discuss, collaborate and create the perfect Domination Fantasy for you.

– I want a sensual female with knowledge about cock control and female domination to help me with tease and denial masturbation.
– My ideal situation is to have a hot, sexy woman pretend to be my wife who’s cuckolding me with her boss.
– Will you watch me get naked for you on cam while you’re sitting there; fully dressed and judging my body and my penis?
– A very firm woman who will punish me for my shortcomings; who will pick on me verbally for my lack of size. (pre-recorded audios in my store for sph)
– I can’t wait for you to explore the fantasy of coercing me into sucking a cock for the very first time in front of you.
– I’ve been trying to eat my cum for so long but I always chicken out. Can you help? (pre-recorded audios in my store to guide you!)
– I have an entire closet full of toys – nipple clamps, paddles, cock rings, butt plugs, dildo – and I want you to tell me exactly how and what to use.
– Do you mind if I have a very specific fantasy written out for you to look over and then play out with me on the phone?
– I want you to make me repeat mantras or sentences that expose my kinks and fetishes.
– I don’t really know what I want exactly – I just know I want to get off with a woman who’s a little bossy.
– Can you be super condescending like my ex-girlfriend was?
– I’m at work so I have to be a little quiet but it’s ok to be very stern with me.

These are just a few of the most recent examples (if I used your words; it WAS on purpose). Recognize your interest in any of them? That’s just one of the beautiful things about domination; there is no one set way of doing it. It’s what works for you – it can be the simplest thing; like using a trigger word that just makes you melt – or it can be elaborate and complicated. Whatever it is; I’m here to explore it with you and I can’t wait! Schedule a phone or live chat session with me to get started.