Worship My Feet

Worship My Feet

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You may not consider yourself a foot fetishist. Not everyone has a thing for feet. I get that. However, I really have a thing for feet – my feet! I love going for pedicures, I absolutely love a nice foot massage, I am addicted to shoes and I adore foot worship of all kinds.

How can you and I indulge in my love of feet? I’d like to share some ideas on ways to enjoy my feet during a phone fantasy call or a sexy texting session:

Sensual Foot Worship – Feet can be as sensual as any other body part. Taking your time to caress and maybe even, kiss, my pretty feet while I sit back and relax or perhaps look down at you and touch your face and hair as you adore me. We could be sitting on the sofa, relaxing, with my feet in your lap as you touch and gently massage them. Sensuality isn’t lost when it comes to the bottoms of my feet either; they are quite an erogenous zone!

High Heel & Foot Worship – Anything that can be done with feet can be done with high heels! Perhaps it’s just the sight (or sound!) of my high heels as I walk across the room or maybe you want to rub your face (or cock?) against them? Whatever your kink; I have just the stilletos!

Human Furniture – Imagine being on your hands and knees…..naked……with my feet crossed and resting on your shoulders.

Masturbation Foot Worship – Have you heard of a footjob? Rubbed your erection against some sexy feet? Do high arches make you weak? What if you took that cock out and rubbed it against my bare skin? Perhaps…..I’ll let you cum on my feet. Of course; that may require some clean up.

Ball Busting – If you are exploring CBT (cock and ball torture/teasing); you might find it hot to have me use my feet to bust your balls! Laying you down on the floor….spread eagled……while I take a step back and bring my foot forward…..HARD…….against your balls. (This is not a fetish everyone would like; I will only bring this up on a call if you request it specifically).

Smothering & Suffocation – My feet and toes can fit into your mouth and even up your nose. Both of my feet make a very good suffocation blanket for your face.

Giantess – This is a unique fetish that goes even further than just feet! If you’re a ‘tiny’; you’ll love the thought of my size 8.5 feet hovering over your miniature body. (For more info about the Giantess Fetish – visit LDW’s Giantess Island)

Spoil Mistress With Shoes & Pedicures – My Amazon wish list always has sexy shoes that I’ve picked out. Feel free to spoil me with them or we can shop together; fantasizing about how they’ll look and feel! Want to buy me a pedicure? That’s easy – just leave me a Virtual Bouquet (a tip) anytime!

P.S. – I have a foot worshiping audio available in the Enchantrix Audio Store: Foot Slave Foot Worship