As you know; my 4 year anniversary with LDW was earlier this year. I realized that it’s been nearly that long since I’ve freshened up my bio audios for you! I couldn’t keep the same old stuff; I needed to make some hot, fresh ones for you! Here’s the list of everything that’s new from me around the LDW universe:

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Cock ControlNew Bio & New Audio! I know you need me to control your cock. That is why you’re here isn’t it? You’re home or maybe at the office, stroking yourself and wishing there was someone that could tell you exactly what to do – aren’t you? It’s my delicious pleasure to not only guide you in your masturbation, but to make you feel like I am right there. I’m right there with you.

Cuckold FantasiesNew Bio & New Audio! I know you’ve been imagining your life as a cuckold; all of the directions in which it might go. Will you be present when I’m making love with another man or perhaps you’ll just be listening on the phone while I’m at a slut wife gang bang? I understand that your cuckolding notions may be on the more sensual and seductive side; I can be a gentle and loving cuckoldress for you.

Phone HumiliationNew Bio & New Audio! I know there’s something inside of you that needs to hear my voice pressing those hot buttons. Thoughts and fantasies are causing you emotional pain while bringing your cock intense joy. Why do you find it so arousing? Why can’t you stop thinking about it? Does it matter? I’m not here to question why these things turn you on; I’m here to figure out how I can use them to bring you to your knees!

Coached Cum EatingNew Bio & New Audio! I can’t even tell you how much I love the thought of helping you enjoy the taste of your own cum! I was introduced to cum eating several years ago when I had a lover that would always go down on me after giving me his cream pie. I couldn’t believe how erotic it was! Soon, I discovered LDW and learned all about coached cum eating and just how addicting it is.

I hope you’ve enjoyed listening!

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