Hello LDW!

So I’m told by some of the mistresses that I have NGS……”New Girl Smell”. Hmmmmmm. I do love a new perfume! I think I’ll wear this one for a while since ya’ll seem to like it so much!

Today marks my one week mark – that’s right, I’m only one week into my new career here. It’s been a long time since I felt like fresh meat!

I can’t tell you all how much I have just been eating it up! So many ah-mazing callers have been helping me spend my day doing what I love to do! Want to hear about some of the fun I’ve been having? Here’s just a few things:

Fem Dom Calls! Oh hell yeah! Bring it on over to me boys because you know The Scarlet Mistress is in charge! These have been wonderful for feeding that dominant creature inside of me! She’s never satisified!

Modeling! Yep, that’s right – modeling! We look at those sexy pictures of myself that I have available for you to perve online – and then my boys put on the outfits I choose and I help them perfect that perfect pose! I can’t wait to see how some specific pictures of a sexy boy with strong thighs and a blue thong came out!

Role Playing. Ohhhhhh now this I love. I have a wonderful story to share about naughty cruisers Rob & Becky; think I’ll save that one for another blog! Do you have a role playing fantasy? Why not IM me or e-mail me and tell me about it. Then, you can call me and we can play it out!

Sexy Texting. I am IN LOVE with sexy texting! I’ve had some wonderful sessions in the private chatroom. It’s a great idea for those who just can’t ‘moan out loud!’ at the moment!

Those are just a few things that this piece of ‘Fresh Meat’ (and don’t you dare call me that or I’ll kick your ass!) has been experiencing. I’ve also been doing some prep work on making some audios to share with all of you. It’s so hard to talk sexy to a computer screen though! Ahhh well, suppose I’ll just think of a certain gentleman caller that makes me weak in the knees and maybe pretend I’m purrrrrrrring in his ear. Mmmmmmmmmm. Stay tuned my lovelies!

For an erotic phone session with The Scarlet Mistress
Must be 18+
Calls are $2.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card

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