It’s time for a guest Mistress blog! Here’s Mistress Sloane; back from a little time away……………..

Over the course of my first couple of weeks back to LDW,?I’ve had so many calls asking the same question.

But what makes your wheels spin Ms Sloane?

Many a session, I was asked what things make me get hot and bothered and I had to grin. That’s one helluva long list. I know this because, I wrote them all down. Then I thought I’d narrow it down to 5. It was tougher than I thought!

I asked the lovely Ms Scarlet if I might post them to her blog in order to get the word out.

See for yourself.

5 Th800-356-6169ings I love…

  • Laughing at your small cock. Because that’s about all it’s good for. I damn sure won’t be getting fucked with it.
  • Teasing your dick while you fap all fast and furious, hoping I might give you a chance to cum.
    (Spoiler alert-Yeah…probably won’t happen).
  • Having you do a strip tease and then serve drinks, clothed only in a blush and smile, to myself and all of my girlfriends while we laugh at your poor bouncing hardon.
  • Observing you suck my strap-on between those pretty lips of yours before I spin you round, bend you over and slip it between your ass cheeks.
  • Any naughty role play that takes place in a doctor’s office, board room, in front of your wife or girlfriend, or in a library.?Yes, a library. Libraries are automatically hot, trust me on that. It’s all in the stacks 😉


  • Watching you submit to my Bull, Thomas, and hearing you admit-out loud-that you love fluffing his cock for me.?He does have an amazing cock.

Thank you Ms. Scarlet, for letting me come and hang out at your blog.

Anytime you’d like to swap again, or share a subbie, you know where you can find me. ? 😉