The Scarlet Mistress has many boys that call her on a regular basis. You know who you are. Now, for those of you who are more dominant or are not familiar with d/s (dominant – submissive) roles; it may shock you to hear me refer to them as ‘Bitch Boys’. I assure you; it is a term of endearment……….for the most part. And more than well deserved!

My Little Bitch Boys come to Mistress for a specific type of Humiliation Play. They want to hear how pathetic they are and how wonderfully supreme I (and all women) am to them. The use of the word ‘boy’ signifies that they do not have the stigma of a grown male that may deserve respect; yet that of a boy.  A boy that is ‘beneath’ me in every way. Here’s a little audio tease to give you a small taste of being My Little Bitch Boy…………

Here Little Bitch Boy – An Audio Sample – For a longer audio, visit the Tease Mania Sound Files Forum and do a search for TheScarletMistress.

A Bitch Boy will submit to Mistress’ every desire. Let’s look at some examples of submission that might occur during a fantasy session with one of My Little Bitch Boys:

Come Here, Now!

– Boot Licking and Worship
– Standing in a corner
– Self Humiliation; such as acting as a dog, pig, etc.
– Service; such as fetching and menial tasks
– Boy may receive deserved spankings
– Boy may be forced to admit his humiliating acts of perversion
– Boy may be used as party entertainment; as a waiter or servant
– Boy may be used with other boys/girls to perform entertainment
– Boy may be loaned out to other Mistresses to use as they see fit.
This is just a small, partial list. I really like to get into my boy’s head! Figure out what his triggers are; what he is humililated about…..there’s ALWAYS something! This type of play is really fun and entertaining; I welcome Little Bitch Boys to call me for a session anytime. Or, if you’re too embarassed to talk to me directly on the phone; let’s have a Sexy Texting chat in a private chat room.

For an erotic phone session with The Scarlet Mistress, call 800-601-6975
Must be 18+
Calls are $2.50 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card