It seems there have been a flurry of men discovering the Fem Dom lifestyle lately. Whether it be intense guided chronic masturbation controlled by a female or all the way to the high protocol Dominant/submissive lifestyle; I’ve been receiving quite a few inquiries about it all. Many men ask me why they feel so submissive towards women. They want to know what it is about women that allows them to have such control.

20131008_114205As I was walking down Duval Street in Key West, FL recently I came across this t-shirt in a storefront window that seemed to sum IT ALL UP!

It really does say it all, doesn’t it?

Men have been groveling at women’s feet since the beginning of time. Countries have risen and fallen, men have lived and died; all for the love of a woman and the pursuit of sex. It’s how the world is run and always will be. I know many couples that have female led relationships; with the woman making all decisions and controlling every aspect of life. Looking in from the outside, a person without any fem dom knowledge might never notice the subtle differences in this type of relationship. However, a knowing person would notice right away. There are certain things a male will do in public around his dominant female; walking behind her at all times, staying on her right side, insuring she need ask for nothing.  At home; he may be required to wear certain clothing, possibly even locked in chastity, he’ll do most of the chores and anything else she requires.

You see, women have always made the rules. And they always will.

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