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Mistresses At Sea!

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You may have noticed the ocean was quite powerful this weekend – hoards of horny sailors searching the water for their sirens! Alas……they were all on a cruise ship in the Florida Keys!

It’s true! I know it’s a fantasy for you . . . → Read More: Mistresses At Sea!

High Heels & Cobblestones in Spain

Listen to me read this blog post.

Just a little slightly erotic story from my recent travels………………….

Who knew that most of the streets of Spain would be made of cobblestone? It certainly wasn’t a thought in my mind as I was packing for my holiday. My black leather sexy high heels and my . . . → Read More: High Heels & Cobblestones in Spain

Vegas With Mistress Ava & Mistress Tabetha!

I’m reporting live from Las Vegas where we’ve been having the best time EVER! I am so lucky to work with such amazing, naughty, smart, beautiful, did I say naughty, women in the world. We have been hanging out in what I could only describe as a week long Mistress slumber party! Exciting shows, . . . → Read More: Vegas With Mistress Ava & Mistress Tabetha!

I Make the Rules!

It seems there have been a flurry of men discovering the Fem Dom lifestyle lately. Whether it be intense guided chronic masturbation controlled by a female or all the way to the high protocol Dominant/submissive lifestyle; I’ve been receiving quite a few inquiries about it all. Many men ask me why they feel so . . . → Read More: I Make the Rules!

Sizzling HOT Summer!

It’s officially summertime; especially here in sunny south Florida where your erotic phone sex Mistress lives year ’round. Being a fair skinned redhead, the sun and I have a love-hate relationship.  When I was a young girl, refusing to wear sunscreen, I developed all of these lovely freckles everywhere the sun touched. I’m sure . . . → Read More: Sizzling HOT Summer!