I Touched Myself

I Touched Myself

Mmmmmm I just got off the phone and while I normally keep these types of things to myself; I want to shout from the rooftops that……


I can’t believe i just told you that! It’s true though as I sit here with a satisfied grin on my face typing here on my blog; it feels really amazing to admit it. I did it. I touched myself!

I have written about it before here on my blog. Actually that blog post was called I Touch Myself and it was all about the joy of a mutual masturbation session. I realize that, even though I have slightly written about it before, I haven’t shared a personal experience with you yet. Allow me to tell you about what happened today.

It started out so innocently!

What started as a regular call with a new person quickly turned into a mutually beneficial play session. I was just getting to know him and there was something about his voice; it had that deep, kindof gravely sound to it. He sortof turned the tables on me and asked me to describe what I was wearing. I have this habit of using my left hand to glide over my outfit as I describe it. When I began to describe my red satin panties; he stopped me.

He asked me to slide my fingers inside.

I did. I slid my fingers inside my panties; my whole hand in fact and I just listened to him as I danced my fingertips over my skin. He was very descriptive in what he wanted and soon he had me stroking my swollen clit. Stoking it and rubbing it in circles; it was swelling and getting more and more sensitive as I laid back on my sofa and let myself focus on his voice.

I wanted him to touch himself, too.

I told him to. I told him to stroke and touch his cock for me. Soon, it was just our breathing. No words; just breathing. It was so hot and sexy; I was imagining what he looked like, what his hand looked like stroking his shaft. Every once in a while he would say, ‘let me know when you’re close baby.’

I wanted to cum.

I breathlessly whispered to him that I was close. Our breathing quickened. My fingers were stroking; his hand was stroking. We were together in that moment as I said ‘Yes, now! Cum with me!’. Together, we had our release and with my eyes closed; I just sighed and laid there with him until he finally spoke. ‘Oh Scarlet that was just what I needed. I loved hearing you; it was like you were right here with me.’

It felt so good.