Listen to Me Read this for you.

I’m often asked prior to a call or at the start of a phone fantasy session; “What should I call you?”. Consider this post one of those ‘phone sex etiquette 101‘ lessons.

You may call Me Scarlet.

That is always acceptable at the start of our relationship. Did you notice that I said ‘at the start’? That’s because things will change over time; including how you might address Me or even how I will be addressing you.

Here are some other examples (these are just examples; remember that our relationship is different and I will decide what I want you to call Me). What they all have in common is full respect, adoration and attention to the importance of how you address Me.scarletcallme

Mistress: if you reveal to Me that you are a submissive male seeking to serve; I will insist that you call Me Mistress Scarlet or simply; Mistress during our sessions. If you are into BDSM, D/s or fetish; Mistress is certainly the perfect name for Me. I can be your lifestyle Mistress or your Fantasy Mistress.

Enchantrix or Empress: All of the beautiful ladies at LDW are addressed as Enchantrix; it’s a ‘cover-all’ term that is fitting for all of us. Again; this is in the beginning – your name will change.

Goddess or Queen: A term of endearment for a female that you want to pay attention to; perhaps worshiping My body if I allow it. (the term ‘queening chair‘ comes from this name in terms of facesitting).

Princess or Miss: For those men that enjoy pampering and spoiling Me or truly just want to adore Me.

Cuckoldress: I think you know what this name means. If I am to become your cuckold trainer; you will call Me your Cuckoldress.

Owner: This is a very rarely used term. Only used by a very select few. It will mean that I truly own you. This takes time; years even before I can take ownership of a slave. This can also be used in terms of chastity; if I have locked your cock up – then I truly am your owner.

There are so many others that I haven’t listed here – lady, humiliatrix, courtesan, domme, cocktease, dominatrix, etc.

What’s right for us? What will be the perfect term for you to address Me with? Let’s talk and find out.

By the way………….My next blog post will be called: What would you like Me to call you?

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