Bad boy!Are you in need of humiliation? Or does the thought of it completely turn you off? The good news is; if you don’t ask me to humiliate you – I won’t! This blog post is directed at the guy that feels ‘alive’ when a mistress is telling him how pathetic he is! I might slip in some sensual humiliation while we’re talking or I might make you beg for it.Β Or perhaps the man with the extremely small penis! Or it could be the guy that knows he’s such a horrible lover that his wife is out there right now finding what she really needs. Mmmm, one of my favorites is the macho man that is so easily feminized and turned into a panty boy. The list of reasons for humiliation are a mile long; there are just so many thingsfor youΒ to be ashamed and embarassed of aren’t there? This blog post is for YOU.

So why do you feel the need to have a woman like myself humiliate you? And just how does this create any type of sexual gratification? I discovered very early on in my bdsm lifestyle that men like you actually need this humiliation in order to stimulate some dark seated desires. For only a moment; I almost felt bad about laughing at you! That passed quickly as I discovered that humiliation is foreplay with words, sensation with thought, manipulation through truth.

I have met men like you over the years that would quiver if I just looked at them and laughed. Men that would tell me all of their dirty secrets and desires just so I could twist and turn them back around on them. This need for humiliation is so deeply imbedded that you may not even realize that you need it – until it happens. And there you are, erect and possibly crying, cowering at my feet and loving every minute of it. It’s as if my words go directly to your cock; and believe me, your cock craves the truth.

For some real phone humiliation; I’m here to give it to you. All you need to do is ask me for it.

For immediate humiliation; I’ve created a Humiliation Session Audio just for YOU! Listen to my voice as I instruct you to look into my eyes as I humiliate you and make you vocalize the truth. Click the link to also listen to a clip of the audio. Once purchased; you can use this audio as many times as you need.