Jump on board the Scarlet Express – I’m here to take you to visit TWO sites in the LDW Universe!

You can Listen To Me Read This Blog Post To You.

On our tour so far; I’ve taken you to visit The Daily CockSuck PatrolTalk To Me 123Spoiled Princess Palace and Cuckold Fantasies

While I love all of our sites; I have to be honest – the two I’m showing you today are a couple of my favorites! These two sites have a common theme; Chastity and Orgasm Denial.

Are you familiar with chastity? It comes from the word ‘chaste’ and according to the trusted online dictionary.com the definition is:

1. refraining from sexual intercourse.
2. virgin.
3. not engaging in sexual relations; celibate.
4. free from obscenity; decent
5. undefiled or stainless
6. pure in style; not excessively ornamented; simple.
7. Obsolete.
Surely, you’ve heard of a chastity devices for a woman – a chastity belt – keeping her pussy hidden and covered so that she couldn’t be penetrated. But what would a male wear to keep chaste? That would be the chastity cage. Now, not everyone needs or wants to wear a chastity cage; sometimes mental chastity will do. But for some; it needs to be extreme and a plastic or metal cage is what’s needed for a locked cock.
So, what’s the difference between the two sites? Let me tell you:
Male Chastity Phone Sex – this is the softer side of chastity. Perhaps it’s your first time or you only want to try it for a session or two. Imagine sensual coercion; enticing you to hold back from an orgasm until I give you permission. Or extreme teasing and chastity, tease and denial, chastity cage play, etc.
Chastity Hell – this is for the extreme fantasy…or reality. If you want me to lock you in a cock cage for a length of time and control you; then you’ll want to enter into a long term chastity agreement with me and perhaps even have me be your key holder.
Why would you want to be in chastity and have a chastity Mistress? Imagine how good it will feel to edge over and over again, or not to be able to touch your cock at all – because I told you not to. Yes, it’s a sacrifice, but it’s a sexual sacrifice that’s sure to get you more turned on than you can imagine. Just how long can you go? And how amazing will the orgasm be when (and if) I do let you cum!
Why do I like it? As a Mistress, well, as a female, I love being in control of a man. Being in control of when you cum, when you touch, when you get hard – oh yes, that’s all the control I want.
I love thinking about how blue My pet is without Me. I love knowing that I’m in control; even if I’m not there. The key is always around My ankle. Always.
Here’s an erotic audio link to a recording a made a while back called Men Need Chastity – it’s over 5 minutes of me telling you about chastity and why you need it. Buy Men Need Chastity
And, just because I know you love hearing my voice, I wrote a 4 chapter story about chastity a few years ago. Here’s the link to chapter 1…….You’ll have to find the rest of the story on my blog!