You may have read about lock-tober online or you may have seen my original blog post about it: Locktober (from 2019; let’s just pretend 2020 never happened). I know you’re interested in knowing more about Male Chastity!

Locktober is just a fun twist on ‘October’ – get it? Locktober/October – lock your dick up for a whole month, chastity, chastity cages, denial, no cumming, please your Mistress, etc. – yes? We’re on the same page about what it is? Awesome! Now……………..

It’s time for you to do it! I know you’ve been thinking about it and maybe even tried not touching yourself for a day or two – am I right? Well, I’m posting this blog a week ahead of October 1st to give you time to prepare to be locked for an entire month (if you find this late or get a late start; that’s ok!)! You see; I know you need accountability! You need someone to be watching you – making sure you’re actually being chaste – that you’re being teased enough – denied enough – etc. I’m just the woman to do that! I’ll basically be your chastity coach for the entire month of October! Here’s how it will work:

  1. Read through the Locktober blog post I wrote – it has some Q&A about cages, no cages, etc.
  2. Set up a call/live chat with me ahead of time so I can help you pick out the right chastity cage (you can buy from mature metal, amazon, stockroom, etc.) and the right lock combination. I like to have fun with
  3. lock boxes, plastic locks with serial numbers, metal locks,
  4. etc.
  5. During our call we’ll determine the length of time you’ll be starting with – ultimately I’d LOVE for you to go the entire month! But if you’ve never been in chastity before; we can possibly break it up into days and then weeks. We’ll decide on when/if you need to wear a cage – if you can masturbate – if you can milk your prostate – when I will let you out, etc.
  6. We will continue to have calls/live chats throughout the month so that I can check in on you (on cam, verbally, photos, email, etc.) – you can prove to me that you’ve been chaste – and you can beg me to actually allow you to cum on October 31st!
  7. On October 31st or around there; you will have set up a call/live chat with me (10-20 minutes) so that we can celebrate your month of Locktober! What do I mean by ‘celebrate’? Do I mean – allow you to take the cage off? Allow you to cum? Hmmmmmm – we’ll just have to see about that now won’t we?!

My chastity control and coaching style is usually a more sensual, teasing one – if you’re interested in more of a Chastity Hell experience; just let me know and I can definitely accommodate.

Already in chastity? Amazing! Let’s add another 31 days to it! Can you make it through October as well?

Notes: this program does not have a flat cost – you pay for the minutes you use for calls/live chat just like always! Appointments are best to make sure we connect. I will be available on Skype all through this – so message me there to set up sessions or to have sessions (thescarletmistress)

Here are some of my pre-recorded chastity themed audios……

Chastity Cuck Gets Milked – Length: 13:23 Cost $42 Listen To Sample
I’m home from my long night out with my lover; I can’t wait for you to taste me! But honey I realize that I haven’t used these chastity cage keys dangling between my breasts in quite some time. Hmmmmm. You have been in that cage with no release for months now! Perhaps tonight’s the night my chastity cuck gets milked!

Men Need Chastity – Length:  5:19  Cost: $18
Oh you poor thing. How long has it been since you’ve been allowed to cum? Not – Long – Enough!

I’m Not Gonna Let You Cum – Length: 5:00 Cost $15
You don’t really expect me to let you cum do you? I am going to own your cock and your orgasms. You’ll gladly turn it over to me when I use my body to tease you. Once it’s mine, I’ll be making all of the decisions. Just as it should be.

Intro To Female Led Relationships & Chastity – Length: 14:31 Cost: $45  Listen To Sample
We’ve been dating for a while and I’m ready to take things to the next level! Let’s talk about entering into a Female Led Relationship; complete with chastity! Wouldn’t it be so exciting, for both of us, for you to give me full control over when and how you cum? Oh it turns me on to think about it! I have a chastity cage right here; let’s try it tonight! Want to be my good boy and start an FLR?

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