Locktober! Yes, it’s becoming quite popular to call October the month of trying chastity – thus, ‘Lock’-tober! I encourage you to let me know that you’re interested in giving chastity a try! Chastity is another way of saying ‘chaste’; it means you won’t be having sexual intercourse and you certainly won’t be having any orgasms.

Chastity can be hot, fun, sexy and is really one of the best forms of tease and denial! You probably have a lot of questions; so let me go through a few of the most common ones for you:

– Do I have to wear a cage on my cock? The simple answer is no, chastity doesn’t require a physical cage or any other chastity device. Chastity is all mental really. A cage just adds to the actual feeling of being unable to touch yourself; to keep that cock locked!

– If I wear a cage; do I have to have a lock? Well, yes! Of course you have to have a lock for your chastity cage! Don’t worry; there are lots of ways that we can explore this together long distance. I don’t have to actually be your ‘key holder’; we can play virtually – however, I do have a lot of experience with ways to keep that key away from you for a time! Let’s talk about the options available to us in our next session.

– How long do I have to be in chastity? Oh it can be just minutes, hours, days, months…………chastity training is flexible. There are many possibilities for the length of your denial. Of course; a real ‘lock-tober’ commitment is the entire month! Maybe you can build up to that!

– Will I be able to orgasm while in chastity? No.

– Do you really enjoy having men in chastity? Yes.

I’m certain you have many more questions and I’m here to answer them! Your chastity plan, agreement and arrangement is an individual one – it won’t be like every other man’s – you have different needs. I understand that! Let’s talk about your first steps into chastity this Lock-tober………………of course; you might become so addicted to chastity that you ask me about ‘No-touch’ November!