Oh what fun we’ve been having during our ‘Walkin’ In A Kinky Wonderland’ holiday trip around the world of LDW!


I remember when we started the launch of the holiday season on Miss Kay Marie’s sexy blog. It has been like a daily tease as you follow the links from Mistress to Mistress!

You’ve had your balls jingled, your turkey stuffed and mistletoe masturbated!

I’ve decided to add to the excitement by telling you what lets me know it’s the holiday season. I made an audio called ‘I’m Crazy For Pumpkin!’. Now, it may not be a titillating topic; but it certainly gets me hot and bothered!

Miss Scarlet is Pumpkin Crazy

Here in South Florida; we don’t exactly have the changing of the seasons. The only snow we get are in the form of snow birds! We actually have boat parades and some of us have a tradition of going to the beach on Christmas morning. One thing that we do have in common with those of you in the North; is the arrival of everything Pumpkin flavored!

Pumpkin coffee, pumpkin cake, pumpkin pancakes – you name it! I was wondering; do they make pumpkin flavored lubricant?! I can’t get enough of that spicy flavor.

I want to know; what makes you feel like it’s the holiday season wherever you live? Would you post in the comments section and share a thing or two (naughty or nice!) about your traditions and celebrations?

Now, onto your next blog our kinky tour…….Miss Jenna with The Gift That Keeps On Giving! (Her blog post will be available December 18th)

Happy Holidays!