It started on Yahoo IM. He typed……

Mistress, I Want To Eat My Cum.

I inhaled deeply and a smirk appeared on my face. A man that wants to eat his cum; what better way to start my day?

I Heard His Voice.

His voice was breathy, excited, filled with longing and desire. He told me how he had read about me on our Coached Cum Eating website. He had listened to my voice. He knew that I was the woman that would be able to finally help him follow through. Too many times in the past he had backed out right at that crucial moment. He needed my coaxing.

He Craved His Own Cum.

He showed it to me. On webcam. At first it was tucked away safely inside his boxers. Soon I coaxed it out. He showed me his cock. It was swollen and full; craving his touch. I had him stroke slowly. Slowly.He stroked it for me while I watched. I told him to hold his cock very tightly at the base; to let me see it grow and swell.

Milk It For Me.

I told him to milk it for me. Slowly. A glistening droplet appeared at the head. I told him to use his fingertips to play in the pre-cum. I told him to bring his fingers to his mouth and lick them clean. He didn’t hesitate. He did it.

He licked his fingertips clean.

He sucked and moaned; cleaning those fingertips and stroking for me. All for me. I was getting so turned on watching him stroke. Knowing that, on my command, he would cum and he would eat it. I knew. I knew he would eat it.

It’s Your Turn.

I want to coach you. I want to help you eat it, too. I’m waiting for your call.

P.S. – if I’m not available when you are; I made an audio just for you: Eat Your Cum