Listen to Me Read This Blog Post To You

You may have noticed the ocean was quite powerful this weekend – hoards of horny sailors searching the water for their sirens! Alas……they were all on a cruise ship in the Florida Keys!

It’s true! I know it’s a fantasy for you to imagine any of the ladies of LDW together – but how crazy would it be to imagine not just two, not just three, but more than four?

Four Mistresses on a cruise ship for an entire weekend – it’s your newest wet dream! To be honest…it’s mine, too! I don’t know how I’m going to recover! I’m already missing their sweet asses…I mean, personalities!

Who was on the ship with me? Well, there was the ever vivacious mermaid sister of mine Mistress Meredith. You can imagine the skimpy dresses she wore every night and the men just throwing themselves at her feet. I won’t share too much personal stuff about the ladies but I will tell you that Miss Meredith never paid for a drink herself, was never off the dance floor for long and apparently, she loves men that own boats!

I also had the pleasure of Miss Brighton’s company! This was our first time meeting and O.M.G. – va – va – freakin’ – voom she is definitely a hot tease! When I saw her lounging in the sun, with oil all over that beautiful skin I’m sure I let out an audible ‘mmmmm’! She is a natural beauty that’s for sure! I can’t wait to spend more time with her at other LDW get togethers!

And of course, I was so excited to spend more time with Mistress Lilly! She is like a bottle of champagne – bubbly and fresh! We spent a lot of time playing cards together and enjoying some fabulous meals, too. I could close my eyes and completely understand why her sexy voice and her sensually sadistic streak keeps her guys in line!

We had an amazing time – it was relaxing and invigorating! I love ‘working’ here and I am just so in love with my ‘co-workers’ – who gets to say that? I do!

P.S. – wondering if we talked about you? Only if you’re the kind of sissy or chronic masturbator that NEEDS to be talked about! We did pass some messages to one another; ask your Mistress if she told Me about YOU! I certainly talked with them about several of my callers; but only the ones that love to be exposed!