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Summer in South Florida means three things for your Lifestyle Mistress – it’s really steamy hot, every afternoon there’s a thunder storm and we deal with ‘potential’ hurricanes and tropical storms on a weekly basis!

Right now we are preparing for ‘Erika’; the latest tropical storm approaching South Florida. I’m not sure what she will do but we are sure to get a TON of rain; hopefully just a little wind and nothing more. (keep your fingers crossed for me!) If I am poised to ‘receive’ a storm; I’ll try to post an update here on my blog for you – if I lose power; well, I probably will be absent until it’s back!

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You know me; I like to turn lemons into spiked lemonade so here are some of my thoughts on the rain……………………..

I don’t know what it is about the sound of rain on the roof and thunder in the sky that makes me want to just get naked and curl up in bed. Do you feel that way? It makes me feel so relaxed as if I could spend the next couple of hours just letting myself enjoy the peace of the sounds of nature.

Want to curl up with me in my big bed and listen to a rain storm? Mutual sensual masturbation would be delicious under the blankets!

Here’s a random thought: I remember writing a blog post in the winter a couple of years ago – Baby, It’s Cold Outside – in this blog I was imagining being curled up naked in a full length fur coat! My how things change with the season!

P.S. – did anyone get my reference to that great Eddie Rabbit song?