Listen to me read this audio to you: Orgasmic Breathing Techniques

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Did you know that taking the time to breath can improve the intensity of your orgasms? It’s so very true! I have taken several classes on tantric sex in the last few years and of all the lessons I learned; breathing was the most important. It changed my sex life, my orgasms and the length of my pleasure.

Want to learnbd0e71df7bda31a8abd0e6a34d4e755f more? The next time you call me; let’s talk about how we can add orgasmic breathing techniques to our phone sex session. This doesn’t have to be like yoga; doesn’t have to be spiritual in any way (unless you want it to be; I’m totally open to that). It’s using your body in a way that you may not be used to.

Think about it; when you are riding that wave or climbing that mountain to reach your orgasmic peak…….are you holding your breath? Are your muscles tight? Your face tense?

Many times during that intense ride; we are breathing just from our nose to our mouth. Just quick breathing; not paying attention to it. I’d like to help you learn to enjoy the journey! What if you were more mindful of your breathing? Of the inhale and exhale of our life giving oxygen; spreading throughout our bodies including our abdomen and genitals. When you pay attention to the sensations, feelings, the level of arousal you are experiencing; you can create stronger, longer, more intense orgasms.

We can play with breathing in so many ways; holding our breath as we reach orgasm and then slowly releasing it can intensify it, too! There are so many varieties – we should experience all of them!

I know you want to have mind blowing orgasms don’t you? I’m here to help! Call me to focus on breathing and stroking techniques, tantric masturbation or shared tantric masturbation.

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