You’ve heard of our game called Pass The Penis; well, I’m turning it into Pass The Gooner!

What is a Gooner?

You. You are a gooner LOL

OK, fine, you want to know what a gooner is; it’s pretty simple. Read this blog post: Are You A Gooner. I also looked it up on and it had a few different descriptions. I’ve listed them below along with my personal description.

  • A male who watches porn all day long while masturbating
  • One who is completely and miserably addicted to porn but embraces and loves it.
  • A man who masturbates and edges to porn for hours upon hours a day; creating a trance-like state including a slack jawed mouth.

Which one of these describes you? Oh, all of them? Well then – YOU are a gooner!

How To Play – Pass The Gooner

I know you love to call me while you’re gooning. Sometimes we watch porn together. Sometimes you get on cam and I watch you just totally gooning out. I absolutely LOVE it!

Wanna mix it up a bit? Try something new with your gooning? How about we play a little game I’ve dubbed ‘Pass The Gooner’? It works just like the original Pass The Penis game we play around here; where you call multiple Mistresses and they each tease you and edge you. You, gooner, are the playing piece and we get to play and play and play! Ultimately you end up back with your original Mistress who then decides IF you get to have a release! This is what I was talking about in my original Pass The Penis blog post.

So what’s different with Pass The Gooner? Oh honey – we’re gonna pass you from Mistress to Mistress and listen (or watch!) you goon! You’re gonna spend ten minutes with several Mistresses (how many can you handle?); just stroking non stop the entire time. Edging is ok; it’s encouraged! But, gooners don’t cum! Gooners mindlessly stroke – stroke – stroke – stroke! Think we’ll be impressed by how long you can last?

Setting Up A Pass The Gooner Session!

Setting up a multiple Mistress Pass The Gooner session is really pretty easy! You will first call me, of course! You can call me when you see me available at Or, to make sure you get to experience the bliss of being teased by many gorgeous Mistresses – you’ll want to schedule an appointment with me using my Schedule An Appointment Form. I’ll always be your first call; getting you started and controlling your cock. Then, you’ll go back to the dispatcher to be sent to the next Mistress. Then, to the next. And so on. And so on. Until YOU simply can’t take it anymore or we’ve exhausted the amount of Mistresses available! Can you goon for that long? Three Mistresses? Six Mistresses? More?

You will not get to choose which Mistress you go to; you’ll be at the whim of myself and the dispatcher. Unless, of course, there’s someone in particular you’d love to have tease you for a turn; just let me know who!

Spice It Up Even More

Playing Pass The Gooner can be just about you stroking the entire time. However; we can always spice things up and add in some fantasy and fetish! Need to be humiliated for being a gooner? Want to have Mistresses remind you that you’re sitting at home (or work?!) just gooning instead of pleasing a woman? Need more? Cuckold fantasies? More extreme? We can make it happen!

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