Rush – Rush – Rush. Jerk – Jerk – Jerk! Get it done. Finish. Hurry. Complete. Cum! No. Let’s Slow Down and Feel More!

Slow Down Your Masturbation & Feel More!

With the hustle and bustle of life, especially the holiday season, we’re always rushing around checking things off of our list. It’s fast and it’s furious! While some things need speed and devotion to complete; not all things need to be done in haste. Yes, I’m talking about masturbation! It’s very common to become a guy that masturbates habitually, that just pumps one out when he needs to release some sexual tension. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this; but….what if…..just, what if……you were to slow down in every way and feel more?

Do you take the time to feel yourself getting hard (See my popular blog post: I want to see your soft cock!); going through the many levels of arousal? What about doing more than just stroking? There are many ways to learn how to slow down, change things up and give yourself the opportunity to try something sexy and new!

Some ways to slow things down and to feel more:

  • Give control to a Mistress! Here’s the best part; everything is negotiable – from the ‘how long’ to the ‘how frequent’; every person is different in their needs, goals and desires. Want to be under my control for, let’s say 24 hours? Can you stay chaste for an entire day and night? Let’s talk about it; let’s see if I can help you to slow down and feel more!
  • Chastity – Of course; chastity play is also an option we can discuss! It can include a cage or just your own mind control. We can put the cage on your cock for just an hour or for days, weeks or even months! Fun fact; I once had someone stay in chastity for an entire year! Seriously; from Jan. 1st to a deliriously mind blowing explosion on Dec. 31st! That was the longest I’ve ever had someone in chastity; I was very proud of him! Don’t worry; I don’t expect this from everyone. Talk about slowing things down; you won’t even be able to touch your own cock until you’re released!
  • Cock Toys! Perhaps we can add a toy or a cock ring, etc. to prolong the enjoyment! I’m open to shopping online with you to pick something out!
  • Explore Fetishes: some fetishes can be so exciting – for instance, coached cum eating will give you a goal for your orgasm. Eating your cum might help you learn how to edge more and definitely will help your finish be something entirely new!
  • Tantra & Sensate Focus: Both of these help you to just ease into things; to slow down for more pleasure. Texture, temperature, pressure – these are some of the physical sensations you can learn to focus on to improve your masturbation during a sensate focused session. Learning how to be ‘in your body’ can really make things amazing!
  • Edging – have you been playing around with edging during masturbation? Not sure what edging is? Let me guide you on cam or give you some jack off instructions on the phone!
  • Sexy Texting – Using skype; we will chat – much like texting on the phone. It’s so fun and will definitely help you to slow down. I am frequently on skype – scheduling sessions and making myself available for sexy texting sessions. Yes, you can be on cam during a skype session but it’s not necessary. When you’re typing; you’re being a bit more descriptive and you’re helping yourself focus on a fantasy, a roleplay or following instructions. Here’s how to do a sexy texting session. You might like this blog: Our Virtual Roleplay Lunch Date!

Try this with your lover!

Do you have an intimate partner? Consider slowing down when it comes to intimacy with them as well! It’s a fact that women need quite a lot of foreplay and build up in order to reach orgasm. By slowing down, especially using sensate focus techniques (remember; texture, temperature, pressure) while giving oral and digital (and toys!) stimulation; you will definitely increase your lover’s pleasure!