Mistress Scarlet - 1.800.601.6975Do you want to try a sex toy? I know what you need! All you have to do is describe to me the feeling you want to have and I’ll help you pick something out. You might be wondering what I mean about ‘the feeling you want to have’. Well, it’s simple. Sometimes when I’m turned on I want to feel a certain something; perhaps a powerful clitoral orgasm (the womanizer is the toy for explosive clitoral orgasmsread my review here!) or I may want the sensation of having penetration. It’s always something different.

What feeling are you looking for?

Do you want to feel ‘full’ inside?

Do you want to feel harder – longer (a cock ring will help)?

Do you want to feel like you’re sucking ‘the real thing’ (I recommend a suction cup toy!)?

Do you need help finding and stimulating your ‘P’ spot (prostate gland – butt plug)?

Do you want to be able to take a ‘bigger’ cock (anal stretchers and dildos could be the key)?

Do you want to find something nice and slippery to use (lube is awesome!) so you can feel that ‘in and out’ sensation?

Do you want your female lover to have amazing orgasms (I put a couple of items in the list just for her!)?

If you are looking for a recommendation for a sex toy, lube, etc. – just ask me! I’ll add something to the list for you and that can keep this recommended sex toy list growing!

I’d love to hear and/or watch you using any of these toy recommendations during a guided masturbation session!

P.S. – don’t forget to take a peek at my Personal Wish List while you’re there – I do love to be spoiled!