It’s officially summertime; especially here in sunny south Florida where your erotic phone sex Mistress lives year ’round. Being a fair skinned redhead, the sun and I have a love-hate relationship.  When I was a young girl, refusing to wear sunscreen, I developed all of these lovely freckles everywhere the sun touched. I’m sure you can see by my photos that I let the sun touch a lot of places! Now, I’m a fan of large hats and lots of 50 spf sunblock (my favorites are in my Amazon wish list)!

As you know, I travel quite a bit. Living in Florida, I am fortunate enough to know many wealthy men that own luxury yachts. I am frequently on the beaches of St. Marteen, Nassau, somewhere in the Florida Keys, or any number of Caribbean islands. This summer looks to be filled with impromptu trips out on the yachts! I can’t wait! I always have a bag packed; two bikinis, a coverup, flip flops, one little black dress and heels. That’s it! That’s my entire wardrobe for a trip out on a yacht. You don’t need anything more than that, truly.

If I’m not out on a yacht, you can find me at the local beaches of course! I know all of the hidden hide-aways. I even know where to go for some nude sun-bathing! Yes, even with my fair skin I do enjoy laying out in the nude. It’s just so liberating and a little bit naughty. There are some beaches down south near Miami that are completely nude. I’ve been to them! They are really fun for people watching and even for being a bit of an exhibitionist! Have you ever been nude sunbathing? Imagine how it would feel to be naked and excited!

What about my availability for sessions throughout the summer? You’re in luck! I plan to be available more than ever! Yes, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to Worship Your Goddess! I will post my availability when I can but I always encourage you to watch for me on Yahoo Messenger (enchantrixscarlet) or to email me to set up a session time ( .

Let’s have a sizzling HOT summer….together!