So some of the wonderful mistresses had a get together in Las Vegas last week! I bet you wish you were there; don’t you? I’m always blown away by the sheer beauty and power that oozes from these amazing ladies! Each fetish mistress is so unique and energizing! Everywhere we went; heads turned and we were waited on hand and foot! Quite literally as you will read……

One evening some of us got together and contacted a local submissive. After a thorough interview and several references; we grouped together and met him in our hotel lobby. He walked into the lobby nearly vibrating with nervous energy and, when he spotted us all waiting for him, I do believe I saw his little cock spring up in his pants! We mutually agreed that he was presentable and passed the initial meet and greet. Now, it was up to our community room for some play!

We went into the room and met the other mistresses; our new submissive was trembling he was so ready to serve. Several of us had earlier gone to Frederick’s of Hollywood for some lingerie shopping. I found a beautiful pink satin garter with black lace; oh I’m in love! And their lacey thongs are just to die for! Anyway, while there, we had chosen him some lovely panties. We handed him his gift box and told him to go change into his new outfit. Without hesitation, he disappeared and quickly reappeared wearing his skimpy new pink panties! His little bubble butt looked so spankable; I couldn’t help myself! I quickly had him over my knee and gave him a ‘warm greeting’.

One by one he provided foot worship and massage to each of the lovely mistresses. All while we chatted with various callers on Yahoo Instant Messenger and even on the phone! While on the phone; our callers could hear us all giggling and chatting. They could even hear us humiliating our submissive and moaning with pleasure as our feet were wonderfully worshipped. We even had one caller that was so excited to hear us all that he called every single one of us! Oh he was quite the pathetic little liar though; always changing his story. One minute he had a huge cock; the next it was tiny. My thought is that it was barely visible! We had a great time laughing at that pathetic loser.

As the night went on; we took turns humiliating and cock teasing our little submissive. It was fun to find things around the hotel room to play with! I now have a fondness for ice cube tongs! We were quite creative in our play and ultimately; our little slave earned his tiny release. I hope they clean those water glasses!

Who knows when the next time will be that we all get together. I know you wish you were the one we called when we do. Maybe you can be a lucky caller during our next Mistress party – who knows!

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