I have an assignment for you and your little dick. I want you to be very, very aware of the type of cocks that I prefer over yours. This task will let you know just how very disappointing your cock size is compared to real men. I want you to feel completely humiliated.

You are to go to a store and visit the condom section. You’ll see quite a variety available but I want you to buy a box of Trojan Magnum condoms (you can also see them in my wish list on Amazon of course). You do know that Magnum condoms are made for Alpha cocks, don’t you? Oh yes; they’re designed specifically for the man that has the girth a woman needs in order to be sexually satisfied.

Now, you might find yourself getting excited when you step up to the counter to pay for these gold foil wrapped symbols of large men across the world…..so I’m going to add a further step………I want you to be sure to say, “these aren’t for me” to the cashier as you pay for them.


I expect you to have this box of condoms with you during our next scheduled appointment. Don’t disappoint me. I expect you to complete this task prior to our next small penis humiliation call. I mean it.

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