I met Steve over the phone about three months ago. At first, he was very timid and it was difficult to get him to really open up to me. I know it will surprise you to hear that I was able to gently soothe and coerce him into admitting his deepest; most caged away desires.

Steve's Panties

Steve's Pretty Panties!

You see, Steve has a very stressful day job leading a company of over 500 sales employees. He works sometimes a fourteen hour day and is always making the big decisions. I found that when we would have a call together; his entire demeanor would change from the moment he heard my voice. I relaxed him and made him feel so comfortable that eventually; he was opening up to me in ways that both surprised and frightened him.

During a particularly titillating conversation with Steve involving some very intense cock teasing, I had him in a slightly compromising situation. He had to make a choice; either tell me the truth or I would end our session leaving him without an orgasm. Desperate for his orgasm; the truth came out.

Steve secretly desired his wife’s panties. He didn’t want to sniff them. He didn’t want to masturbate with or on them. Oh no. Steve wanted to wear them.

While still in the very engorged state of arousal I had brought him to; I encouraged Steve to go to his wife’s panty drawer and to pick out a pair. He had never tried crossdressing before and the sheer thought of it had him nearly exploding without permission! He did what I asked and when he came back to the phone he was panting even harder. I asked him to describe the panties, which he did in detail, and then had him rub the panties against his erection. The moan of ecstasy that escaped his lips when that satin first touched his hard on was music to my ears.

I then had him stop touching himself. He was to put on the panties before I would allow him to continue to masturbate for me. Soon, he was slipping one leg inside and then the other; pulling the panties up against his thighs and over his ass and then tucking his cock tightly inside. Once this was done I allowed him to start touching himself again; but now; he could only do it ‘through’ the panties. Never actually touching his penis. I asked him if he was prepared to get those pretty little panties all wet and then……………………………..

How do you think it ended? Post a comment here on my blog – let’s interact. I’d love to know; do you think Steve got those pretty panties all wet? Do you think Steve is a panty boy now? And what about you; are you a panty boy? By the way – the picture here is of the very pair of panties that Steve tried on!

And while we’re on the subject of a wife’s panties; here’s an exclusive audio I made called ‘Honey, are those my panties?’ – about a wife that catches her husband wearing her panties and then finds herself turned on by it! A mutual masturbation scene ensues. I’m positive you’ll enjoy listening!