Listen to me Read This Blog Post To You

Hi there! I want to continue our tour of the vast LDW universe! I’m showcasing some of my favorite sites, some of our most popular sites and ones that you may not have even known we had! You see; all of our websites cater to different kinks, fetishes and interests. While yes, they are mostly sexual, we all know that the largest sex organ is the brain. Have you ever heard the term ‘sapiosexual’?

Sapiosexualletsgettoknoweachother defines sapiosexual as



a person who finds intelligence to be a sexually attractive quality in others.
With this new word in mind; I want to focus your attention today on the website: talktome123 (catchy right?!). This is where you can go to find me and other ladies that can provide you with real conversation. We can have some adult chat about your day, about the market, about your life, your past, your fantasies, anything at all. It’s about having someone to really, truly listen to you and to give you feedback, advice, guidance and a non-judgemental ear when you need one. It doesn’t hurt that I’m well traveled, educated and can carry a conversation.
Yes, I will be a sexy phone vixen for you when you need that but I can also be here for other aspects of your life. Some might say that this is what’s considered an ‘online girlfriend experience relationship’ and I would agree. I can be that phone sex girlfriend that you need sometimes. Sometimes I just love lying in bed with you, talking about our days, catching up, venting. If we’re in the mood for a little fun after that; I’m always excited for that!
Take a minute to fill out my pre-call questionnaire if you want to let me know you’re going to be calling for this type of experience. I want to make sure we connect on the level that is most comfortable.
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