For the last few years; I have been an attendee at many CFNM events. From the very first time; I was HOOKED! I have been going at least three times per year to different parties all over the country – I just can’t get enough of CFNM!

If you’re curious about the CFNM fetish; let me explain it a little bit to you. Specifically; how it works at a CFNM party. At these parties; the women (usually dominant women of all ages) are fully dressed in their fetish best and the men are ordered to disrobe completely. Completely! They aren’t allowed to wear a stitch of clothing. Often times; they are given the task of providing refreshments and making sure all of the women have everything they need. Most times the women bring their own man; but sometimes we share men as well.

At the most recent CFNM party that I went to; we decided to play some games! First, we lined the men up according to their (flacid) penis size and numbered them on their chests from one through ten. We then took turns receiving foot rubs from the naked males and we ‘scored’ their foot rubs from one through ten and added this number somewhere on their body (I took great joy in placing the number 4 on the inner thigh of my naked male). We also had somewhat of a ‘talent show’ with the naked males and gave them the opportunity to stroke their penises for approximately three minutes while we all sat in chairs and watched. After the appropriate time; we ordered them to line up according to penis size! This part was absolutely hysterical as they had to stare at and inspect one another to make sure they lined up correctly! We then re-numbered them all; adding their new number to the area right between their belly buttons and penises! We also played some tease and denial games to see just how ‘tempted’ the men would be! (More details about this on the phone!)

By this time the men had several numbers written all over them. The Mistresses decided as a group that we would reward the naked male that had earned the highest total number. The reward would be a paddling over MY knees! We instructed the males to help each other add up their numbers and we definitely had a winner come forward. The other naked males watched on as I took him over my knee and, using my bare hand, applied a paddling equaling his total number earned! After this; the party opened up and there were wonderful sounds of paddling and moaning coming from every corner of the dungeon.

I am, as you can see, very knowledgeable in many different fetishes. CFNM is one of my favorites. I’m happy to provide you with some storytelling about my CFNM experiences or to create a new fantasy with your ideas included. Do you have a webcam? Imagine getting naked for me!