Mistress Says No

Would you rather Listen To This Blog Post?

I find great joy in using the word ‘no’. It’s a powerful word with oh, so much meaning behind it. As a woman; I was raised to always try to say yes, to find ways to provide whatever it was that a man needed. To say yes, I want to have sex. Yes, I want to suck your cock. Yes, you can cum anytime and anywhere you want to!

As an adult, as a female dominant, I have taken hold of the power of the word NO. It took a long time to be able to use the word fluidly; to not feel a bit of guilt when I said it. I think it’s only natural for it to feel unusual flowing off of my tongue when I was so used to always saying yes!

I use the word NO quite a bit during my Tease and Denial phone and text sessions. I think most men are also used to receiving a positive response when asking a female a question. To now hear a sexy female dominant saying no? Wow; it’s powerful isn’t it? If you’re listening to me as I’ve recorded this blog for you; imagine hearing me say these things directly to you…………

No, you may not call me by my first name.

No, you may not take your cock out of your underpants.

No, you may not stroke your cock without my permission.

No, you may not worship my body with your mouth.

No, you may not fuck me.

No, you may not cum today.

No, you may not cum tomorrow.

No, you may not cum this week…….next week……this month!

Of course; what’s the use of the word No if I don’t use the word Yes sometimes, too? 😉

Yes, you may call me by my first name.

Yes, you may take your cock out of your underpants.

Yes, you may stroke your cock.

Yes, you may worship my body with your mouth.

Yes, you may fuck me.

Yes, you may cum today.

You only wish you could hear me say all of those ‘yes’ phrases!

Give me a call and see what mood I’m in today. Am I in a ‘No’ mood or a ‘Yes’ mood?