Here are the top five things a new cuckold can do to help her find cock.

You called me after visiting the cuckold fantasies website and asked me for advice. I listened to you express your deepest desires to see your wife with another man. You told me that you understood you’re too small to satisfy her. It’s important that you learn how to be a proper cuckold. I was happy to be your cuckold trainer! I guided you through talking with her about it and encouraging her to share her fantasies with you.

You followed my instructions and guidance when choosing a proper dildo to use together; not just talking about how a larger cock would feel but actually experiencing it (well, as close to the real thing as possible!). You took her out to a bar and you fantasized together about which man she would take home….if this were more than a fantasy. You have done such an amazing job following my program, listening to every detail and really following through………………..

She’s ready to cuck you! She told you she’s had enough of the dildo, enough of the fantasies – she’s been so turned on by everything that she realizes that this needs to be reality. She knows without a doubt that she wants to have sex with another man. And not with just any man; with a larger man. Your wife wants to have sex with a man with a large cock; she doesn’t want your small penis anymore.

This is amazing news! However; your training isn’t through. Oh no honey. You’ve still got so far to go! You have to help her find a cock now. You do understand that this is your responsibility don’t you? Just like you chose that dildo for her; the realistic looking one that was double the size of your own – you’re going to help her find the perfect bull, the perfect cock! Don’t worry; I’m going to help you by sharing these top five things you can do to find her a cock!

  • 1. The first thing you’re going to do is to measure your own penis; I’m quite serious. You need to measure it so that you can face up to your short coming. Now, take your measurement – double it – and this is the size requirement minimum for a bull.
  • 2. Create profiles on multiple websites. I’ll give you the homework assignment of finding the appropriate ones; but you want to find websites that showcase men with large cocks. Men that are looking for married women, hot wives, girlfriends, etc. They don’t want relationships; just sex.
  • 3. Search online for pictures and videos of men with satisfying cocks. Save these for your wife. Show them to her while you go down on her or use the dildo on her.
  • 4. Start masturbating to pictures and videos of men with satisfying cocks. It’s time for you to prepare for the next steps. We’ll be going over that later in your training.
  • 5. Begin tasting your pre-cum and your actual cum. You need to learn how to be a cum eater. It’s ok. I know this is a surprise. Don’t worry; I’ll be your cum eating trainer, too!

You’re well on your way to being the cuckold you’ve been fantasizing about! I want you to practice all of these steps as well as schedule regular training sessions with me. I can help you with your cuckold training and with your cum eating training. If you can’t call me or have a live chat session; you can still hear my voice encouraging you. I’ve created some audios that you’ll want to buy from the online store: You Want A Slut WifeMy Date TonightLucky CuckoldValentine’s Cuckold 

If you want me to record a custom audio for you; perhaps an encouragement audio – a cum tasting audio – a fantasy roleplay audio – let’s talk! I love making custom erotic audios and if you have a script; even better! Send me an email to discuss.

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