In my previous post, Training Ms. Scarlet’s New Submissive – Part 1, I introduced you to my new pet; George. I had George fetch some pink panties and now had him in my domain wearing my favorite slave collar. Now I’ll share some of what happened next…….

Having had George strip down to his pink panties and collar only; I proceeded to grab a leather mask to make sure he couldn’t see what was coming next. I tucked the collar in the back of my pants for later. I had George kneeling on the floor as I walked over to him and stood directly in front of his head. I told him to worship my boots and he was quite excited to start kissing the tops of them. I then told him to use his tongue to give them a good shine. I’m sure he would have loved to perform some Body Worship; but he had not earned the privelage yet. He did this for about five minutes before I reached down and grabbed a handful of hair; yanking him into a standing position. I turned him around and embraced him from behind; wrapping my arms around his chest and squeezing tightly. I then gave his ankle a nudge with my boot and walked him forward towards a chair I had waiting.

I sat him in the chair and stood behind it. Again wrapping my arms around his chest. I leaned in and kissed his neck; whispering in his ear ‘you belong to me my litlle crossdressing sissy. you will do as I say and you will not argue.’ I reached around to my back and grabbed the mask as I told him to look into the floor length mirror that was right in front of him. He lifted his head to look just as I slid the mask right over his head in one swift move. His body jerked and he began to panic as I soothed him by rubbing his leather covered skull. ‘You’re ok my pet. I have you. Relinquish all control to me and relax. Breath.’ I ran my hands down his shoulders and arms; covering his hands in mine. Pressing my chest against the back of his head and shoulders; I waited until his breathing began to slow and his body relaxed. I stood up and ran my hands over the leather mask; finding the lace up leather strings in the back, tightening them, and tying them off at the base of his neck.

I walked over to the wall and chose a 25 foot length of rope. Our playtime had only just begun………….

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Audio: The Training of George

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