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We’re doing it again! 5 Free minutes will be added to your two-Mistress call in March! This is such an awesome special that we’ve offered it for 3 years in a row now! If you didn’t get lucky last year; this is your chance! Goddess Mandy (her site can be found here: and I love to get together and offer this opportunity to celebrate our LDW Anniversary! Can you believe we’ve been here at LDW since we both started? It’s been such a pleasure to get to know Goddess Mandy over the years; both here in multi-Mistress sessions as well as out in the real world! We’re often told we have similar styles; playful and sensual. We also both receive feedback that we play really well together, we don’t talk over one another and that we’re excellent listeners. Read on to find out how you can get 5 Free Minutes with both of us in March……………..and click the link below to hear us talk about the promo!

*** Click to Listen To Us Discuss Two Mistress Calls in March! ***

5 FREE Minutes When You Schedule A 30 Minute or Longer Session With Us

We’re making it so EASY to get your 5 Free Minutes! All you have to do is schedule your session ahead of time in the month of March – make it for 30 minutes or more – keep your appointment – and we’ll add 5 Free Minutes to our playtime! This can be a sexy phone session or it can be a Live Chat or Voice Session on Skype – of course; 30 is just the minimum; we’re happy to schedule a longer session with you and give you 5 free on top!

Both Of You? At Once?

That’s right! The two of us – at once! I bet you’re so excited at the thought! Oh yeah; two Mistress calls can be soooooo much fun! All THREE of us will be chatting on the phone or on skype together – you can call it co-topping, double domme, two Mistresses, tag team – or you can just call it a Fantasy Come True! I did write a little page about Two Mistress Calls if you want to take a peek.

When you Schedule Your Session with us; make sure to give us a little idea about what kind of fantasy you have or what type of call you’d like. We really do offer so many options – you can just have some hot conversation, some sexy chat, we can fulfill your roleplay idea, we can guide you in stroking, watch you get naked on cam – the ideas are endless! We are here to make your hottest dreams come true; so share that with us before or during our call.

Scheduling is Mandatory to Receive 5 Free Minutes

To receive this offer; scheduling ahead of time is absolutely necessary. The two of us will be combining our schedules to make sure we have plenty of time to spend with you. It’s super easy to set something up – there are a few options – you can use my Schedule A Session Online Form and just mention that you want to have both of us on the call. You’ll complete the form, offering a few times and dates for our session. One or both of us will get back to you just as soon as possible.

You can also email us and schedule – it’s so easy; sometimes we can make a session happen the same day! It’s no trouble to just reach out and ask us – and

Another option is to skype message us – my skype name is thescarletmistress and Mandy’s is mandy.sexton7 – we can schedule through skype as well as hold a session on skype if you’d like (with you on cam or not; it’s optional). We can also have a live chat/sexy texting session with the both of us!

So many options! To get the 5 free minutes; you do need to schedule at least a 30 minute session – however; you can always schedule shorter sessions at any time – we don’t mind a quickie 😉

**Notes/Fine Print/Mumbo Jumbo**

Calls must be scheduled and the session held in March 2024. Calls must be a consecutive 30 minute minimum to receive the 5 free minutes. The 5 free are tacked onto your call immediately (ie: a 30 minute call will be 35); not at another time. Skype/livechat/sexytexting sessions absolutely qualify for this awesome promo. YES – you CAN take advantage of this promo more than once this month! Questions? Email me or Mandy – – or; email us both!