Wooo Hoooo! As with every woman on the planet; I celebrate my birthday all monthHappy Birthday To Me long! My birthday is September 14th so I have the entire month to party! If you’re a fellow Virgo; Happy Birthday to YOU, too!

This will be my fourth birthday with LDW and I’m so excited. I remember in past years I had so many amazing calls leading up to and even following my birthday. I loved it when the doorbell would ring because once in a while a surprise gift would arrive from my Amazon Wish List! It was so exciting!

Here’s a quick audio from me about my birthday list! Listen to my voice.

This year; I have some special phone sex requests! I created a small Birthday Bucket List! YOU can help me fulfill any of these fantasies this month:

– I absolutely love hearing you EAT YOUR CUM FOR ME – will you call Me and let Me listen?

– Last year I had an amazing sploshing session for my birthday (read all about it Birthday Surprise)! Will my special birthday cake boy be back again?

Take Me shopping! Send me an amazon.com e-gift card (send to scarlet@enchantrixempire.com) and then call Me to shop with me! I may want a new vibrator, a book, shoes, stockings, who knows?! You can help me pick out some beautiful new birthday gifts.

These are just a few of the types of calls I would LOVE to have this month! Send me an email or IM me on Yahoo to set something up – I’d love to play with you during my birthday month!

Also, if you’d like to Spoil Me for my birthday I have given you all kinds of ideas for doing just that on my Spoil Me page.