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Attention All Pin Dicks!

I’m so excited about LDW’s brand new site: Pin Dick; Tiny Dick Phone Sex! Listen to my brand new introduction:

Pin Dick – Scarlet’s Bio

Over the years, I’ve written many blogs about small penises, small penis humiliation, etc. I don’t think every man has a tiny penis; but for the ones . . . → Read More: Attention All Pin Dicks!

Sensual Cuckolding defines the word cuckold in this way:

Cuckold: husband of an unfaithful wife.

For many men, cuckolding is a way of life. For others, it’s but a far away fantasy. I am here waiting to speak with you about your cuckold lifestyle or about your curiosity about becoming a cuckold.

There are many . . . → Read More: Sensual Cuckolding

Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Show It To Me

Greetings from sunny South Florida! Your fair skinned beach bunny has all of a sudden found herself in a polar vortex!

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Being cooped up in the house is completely new to me. I’m so used to spending my days out on my back patio or . . . → Read More: Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Do You Jerk Off Thinking About Cock?

Do you jerk off thinking about cock?

It’s ok. Nobody else has to know. It’s just between us. Our dirty little secret.

Most women have been programmed to want to suck cock. It’s like we’ve been trained our whole lives to provide men with oral sex. It’s something most women start to really love . . . → Read More: Do You Jerk Off Thinking About Cock?