This is going to be muy caliente! I’m taking you to the next stop on the Masturbation May Blog Train! Mistress Brighton got us started on May 1st and then you followed the tracks right here to me!

I’m going to focus my Masturbation May fun on a little delight called the taco! You heard me right; I’m talking about masturbating and I’m talking about tacos – does it get any fucking better than that? Just so we’re clear – you do know that when I say taco; I really mean pussy. Right? If you’re not sure where the connection is; just read Mistress Claire’s article: Taco Tuesday – Hidden Meaning?

So when you’re jerking off; you’re generally also multitasking and doing one of two things – you’re either closing your eyes and fantasizing about tacos or you’re watching porn (with lots and lots of perfect tacos). What I’m going to aim to do today is to help you really worship the taco, consider the taco, praise the taco, be attentive to the taco and truly – FOCUS ON THE TACO.

You see; I think you’re missing out by simply seeing the taco (visualizing in your mind or watching on your screen). You need to imagine that delicious taco, with all of it’s delectable layers and flavors, just right in front of you – ready to be devoured! Mmmmm! Doesn’t that already sound fucking delicious? It does to me! That taco isn’t just to be sat on a table where it’ll get cold! No! You need to be licking it – slurping on it – finding all of the folds and textures – get in there! Let your mind wander all over that juicy delicacy! Start out gently; maybe stick your tongue out and let it slide over your upper and lower lips while you think about it (and while you stroke) – let your senses get involved as you imagine the scent of your favorite flavor of taco – mmmmmmm – it smells soooooooooo good – you can’t stop inhaling can you? It’s right there! Under your nose! What are you going to do to it? How will you please it? Enjoy it?

See? Just that little bit of guidance has already helped you to really focus hasn’t it? You’re doing more than just looking at her; you’re really giving her the attention she deserves! Now; take a bit of that guidance and use it in your next masturbation session – and, even better – use it the next time you’re lucky enough to get close to her taco!

P.S. – if you’re unsure of how to pleasure a pussy; give me a call and I’ll turn you into a cunnilingus genius!

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