As you already know; coached cum eating is one of my favorite fetishes! If I don’t get at least one male a day to eat his own cum; I just don’t feel fulfilled!

It seems that lately; more men are becoming accustomed to eating their own cum. What I feel they aren’t realizing however is that they will become ADDICTED to it! Seriously! Once a man starts eating it; he wants it every time he masturbates. You will discover the urge to get on camera while stroking your cock and devouring every drop while I watch.

I have had many men become addicted to eating their own cum over the years. It is really a fetish that is very easy to fall in love with. Having cum smeared all over your mouth is exactly where every orgasm should end!


Some of my past blog posts related to cum eating are:

Mistress, I Want To Eat My Cum – This is a story about a call I had with a male that wanted to eat his cum for me on webcam.

Tempted To Taste – Have you been tempted to taste your own cum in the past? (Audio Blog)

Exclusive Audio Recordings

I also have a couple of Exclusive Audios that I recorded for you. You can purchase these audios and listen to them time and time again.

Eat Your Cum – I want you to eat it. Let me guide you.

Eat Your Cum Shot – In this brand NEW audio; I teach you to use a shotglass to eat your cum!

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