I was chatting with my good friend Goddess Mandy and a mutual rainbow friend of ours; we were discussing the importance of expressing gratitude. Goddess Mandy wrote a blog post about it (Gratitude For All The Beauty In My Life): and I promised to follow suit! So, here you go!

  1. Health. I’m most grateful this year for my health. My strong body. My capable body. Many times over it has reminded me of the importance of caring for myself. I’ve listened more to my body this year than ever before and will continue to do so. I plan to learn new ways of caring for my body; new work outs, new yoga practices, more hiking……..and yes, more energetic intimacy!
  2. You. Without you; I couldn’t be here enjoying our time together and having the flexibility and income to do the things I enjoy! Thank YOU; I am forever grateful.
  3. LDW – Mistresses – Dispatchers. Such amazingness in a company! I simply cannnot believe I found this ‘home’ so many years ago. It takes all of us to keep it the BEST PHONE SEX in the world!
  4. My Rescue Dog (pictured above). Chi Chi is my best companion – holding all of my secrets and seeing things I’m glad he can never talk about. Always happy to see me, forever ready to cuddle.
  5. Friends & Family. I feel totally supported and loved by them. Enough said.
  6. My Paddleboard. Yes; paddleboard – not paddle (although I do love my paddles) – I got my first paddleboard of my own this year and I can’t even begin to tell you the adventures I’ve had!
  7. Kindness. Yes, kindness. I have seen it in so many ways this year; even through some of the harder times. Kindness is the easiest thing you can give and it’s the easiest thing to be grateful for.

I wish you and yours a beautiful bounty. I hope I can, in some way, help you enjoy this holiday season and into next year.

I’m very hopeful that my list of gratitudes will continue to grow and that kindness and grace will always come my way.


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