Welcome 2013 with a three day long Clothed Female Naked Male Party! That’s right! Several of our kinkiest Mistresses have gotten together and planned a three day CFNM extravaganza to include CFNM stories, pictures, two Mistress calls, and giveaways galore! Visit each participating Mistress’s blog to see what she is offering to her personal callers.

Join Me For The CFNM Naked New Year's Three Day Party!

Join Me For The CFNM Naked New Year’s Three Day Party!

FREE CFNM Themed Audios For ALL Callers!

I will be offering a FREE Two Mistress CFNM themed audio to ALL of my callers (and texters!) that have a minimum 25 minute session. If you have a session with me anytime between 1/1/13 and 1/3/13; please email me right away at scarlet@enchantrixempire.com from an email address that you’d like me to respond to. I will be emailing you your FREE audio on 1/4/13. If you’re a naughty boy and do not email me by 1/4/13 to request your FREE audio; I will not be fulfilling requests that are sent in tardy. Get those emails in so Mistress can get you that audio right away.If you aren’t yet familiar with the whole CFNM fetish; I have written a couple of blog posts in the past that will help fill you in on it and why I LOVE it!

The Clothed Female Naked Male Fetish Explored!
The CFNM Dice Game!

Those should get you started if you’re a novice to female dominated nudity.

For three days and nights; we will be partying! I have picked out some amazing outfits to wear while you’re naked. I would be happy to describe them to you in detail while you’re showing off for me on webcam (a suggestion; not a requirement). Don’t expect to see any flashing breasts or thighs; it’s not about your visual pleasure…..it’s all about mine! And I want to see YOU……NAKED! Here’s a list of the other participating Mistresses, visit their pages to see what they’re offering for the CFNM Three Day Party.


Mistress Iris
Mistress Delia
Mistress Ryan
Mistress Hunter
Mistress Alexis
Mistress Piper
Mistress Lydia

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