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My newest audio additions to the online store are:

Chastity Cuck Gets Milked – Length: 13:23 Cost $42 Listen To Sample
I’m home from my long night out with my lover; I can’t wait for you to taste me! But honey I realize that I haven’t used these chastity cage keys dangling between my breasts in quite some time. Hmmmmm. You have been in that cage with no release for months now! Perhaps tonight’s the night my chastity cuck gets milked!

Big Betrayal – Length: 7:26 Cost: $24 Listen To Sample
You’ve heard the rumors. A giant monster that preys on and devours little men just like you. The fear is what’s kept you safe this long. Against your better judgment, you set out across the endless bedroom floor, hoping to find answers………………..This fantasy story is read by the narrator and the Giantess; this amazon is interested in that micro cock of yours! She’s been waiting for you; is she a friend…..or a foe?

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