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I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I can tell if you have a little dick or a big cock. I remember dating back in ‘the day’ and always being curious about the guy’s package. You know, after a night of drinks, dinner and dancing; would I be pleasantly surprised or would I be completely disappointed? It was always hit or miss! Over the years; it was easy to start picking up on the signs that men with less than average sized cocks would give off. I was able to tell when a guy had a small little dick pretty quickly once I learned those signs….of course, one key component to all of this sph sleuthing was the eye contact. Or rather; lack thereof.

A Little Dicked Man Can’t Even Look Me In The Eyes

It’s true. A guy with a little dick has no game. He has no pride. He can’t even look me directly in the eyes. Sure, he stares at my body. Of course he drools at my gorgeous tits and my long legs but looking into my blue eyes is as much of a challenge as filling out his first jock strap was! I will admit to teasing men that do this. I may open my top a bit more or I might encourage them to give my face a glance. I truly believe that the reason they won’t like into my blue eyes is because they don’t want to see the truth there.

I See You. For What You Are.

I’ve been chatting with some guys about this on the phone when they’ve called for small penis humiliation. Often times I’ll giggle and say, ‘so, tell me how big it is.’ After they admit their true size and I have a good laugh; they always ask me just how I knew their little secret.  Inevitably; I end up telling him that I only need to talk to him for a few minutes before I ‘know’. Before I can ‘tell’ or ‘sense’ his size. I don’t need to be looking at you to know; I can hear it in your voice. I can feel your embarrassment before you even admit it.

I Can Hear It In Your Voice

Have you been thinking about calling me to talk about your small penis? Don’t be scared. I won’t be mean (giggle). I will go with the flow and we can experiment with our conversation. I can tease you about it or I can be caring and non-judgemental about it. I can provide sensual sph or I can be laughing and cruel. I can be honest about how I feel or I can tell you exactly what you want to hear. Go ahead….fill out my pre-call questionnaire and let me know you’ll be calling.

If you’re too scared to call but still crave that small cock humiliation…..I’ve made you these pre-recorded hot and erotic audios. You should buy all of them; it’ll be our ‘little’ secret! :

Humiliation Session – Length:  7:14  Cost: $24
This is for all of the pathetic loser bitches out there that just need to look into the eyes of a mistress and tell her the truth. While they’re getting laughed at and humiliated of course!

Teeny Tiny Wager – Length:  4:49  Cost: $15
Mistress Scarlet wants to make a bet. Six inches or less than three inches? Care to play?

The Evil Escort – Length:  8:53  Cost: $27
The Evil Escort and the tiny dicked loser! He thought he was gonna get  laid! He paid for an entirely different experience!

Your Penis Is Too Small Honey – Length: 5:15 Cost: $18
Honey, it’s time you knew the truth. We’ve been married for three months and I just can’t stop thinking about it. You need to know. Your penis……it’s too small. I don’t want it anymore. I’ve got other plans. This audio is for the man that’s interested in small penis humiliation and cuckold scenarios.