Step into Scarlet’s confessional. You know you want to tell me everything. Confess your un-clean thoughts, your dirty deeds, your carnivorous cravings, your lust for the nasty.

You will tell Me everything

scarlet7One of my favorite things to hear when I pick up the phone is…..”Mistress, I have a confession.” It literally makes my panties wet to hear this. I have heard many confessions; but I haven’t yet heard YOURS. You need to pick up the phone and call Me. I know you have something you want to get off your chest.

Confess Now

There’s nowhere to hide. Your secrets are eating away at you. Your lust, your craving, your desire is more than you can take. You need to release it; you need to reveal it to Me. I am here to listen, to pass judgement, and to encourage you to follow your loins and lusts! I’m not here to make you better or to heal you, I’m here to give your desires a voice.

It’s Only Going to Get Worse

I’m not going to make it better. You’re going to tell me your confession and then I’m going to figure out just how to make it even more a part of your life. Wearing panties? Get ready to start wearing them under your business suit! Thinking about sucking cock? I think it’s time for you to visit a glory hole! Wearing bras filled with tissue paper? I think hormones are in order.

You’re sick. There is no cure.

This is roleplay after all. Your fantasy is my reality. I want to hear your confessions, I want to play with you. Call me right away. Step into Scarlet’s Confessional.