I’ve been fancying up my blog over at our Legs Forever site and it has me thinking about….well……My legs. Mmmmm. I know you’ve been dreaming about them again; haven’t you pet? Remembering how I allowed you to use my favorite bath and body works energizing lotion to massage them while I relaxed in my comfy throne (aka big cushiony chair). While your fingertips were working on my calves; your mind had them wrapped around your face – didn’t it? (queening; perhaps?) Or were you taking this fantasy even farther? Did you think about encasing your cock with lotion and squeezing it between my creamy thighs? The arches of my feet? Between my calves? Oh, what about that delicate and private area right behind my knees? Is that where you want to tuck and thrust your shaft? Tsk. Tsk. Oh you naughty boy!

You can’t be a body worship fetishist without the concentration on certain body parts now; can you? I know your kryptonite oh so well – it’s my legs that make you weak! These delicate; yet strong, lean and capable legs of mine. Your mind and eyes travel all the way up to my well toned thigh and even to my glutes. Yes?

We can’t begin to think about your leg fetish without considering your high heel fetish, too! Do my high heels turn you on? Is it the way they make my ass look? Is it the high heel itself; the leather – the straps – the buckles – the heel? All of those things? I know. I know. I keep teasing you with all of the knowledge of men that I have! It’s true; I didn’t become a world class phone tease without knowing exactly how to bring a man like you to his knees!

Now, when are we going to have a phone fantasy call or a live chat/sexy texting session so that you may indulge in this love of my legs? Message me via email, send me a chat on skype – or call in when you see me available!