Below is one of the more popular photos of yours truly – The Scarlet Mistress . People seem to like how playful I look; I remember this photo shoot and how much I loved that nightie. I kept it, you know! I love the color on my skin and how the bottom just seems to flow! Alot of my Body Worshippers love to look at this picture during a session. My legs look super long, don’t they?!


My Pose

Recently, My Sissy Model approached me wanting to know if I could guide the poses, give some tips, and critique the results. This was one of the first poses we did.

Click the link to see My Sissy Model doing this pose.
My Sissy Model’s Picture

 As you can see, the results are pretty fabulous!

Feel free to post your comments – and hey, if there are any other Sissy Models out there; maybe we should consider doing a Top Model Search!

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