Yes, Yes, Yes! It’s National Orgasm Day! I’ve already celebrated once today – how about you? (Note: If you are in an extended orgasm denial program and/or chastity agreement/device – you do NOT get to celebrate this day)

In my opinion; every day should be National Orgasm Day but since someone decided to actually pick July 31st as ‘the’ day; then I think we should all indulge! I was trying to think of what I might share with you about this amazing day and I realized that I should talk about…………..female orgasms! You probably thought this was all about you; about cocks cumming – right?

Well, no. It’s all about women! It’s always for the Goddesses isn’t it? This is a day to celebrate women, to adore your Sensual Mistress, to offer orgasms to women throughout the day – in any way you can! As a gift to you; I’m going to share a few of the types of orgasms that a woman might desire today – of course, all must be consensual and for those of you that are in a cuckold situation I’m sure you’ll want to talk with your wife’s lover before offering any of these:

  • The Oral Orgasm – obviously; this is my favorite type of orgasm! One that’s induced by a delicious, warm tongue while I’m lying back relaxing or while I’m queening him.
  • The Vibrator Orgasm – this one is all about the clitoris – send those amazing vibrations right where they belong!
  • The Penetration Orgasm – mmmmmmm. Only a nice sized cock or dildo can provide this internally produced orgasm; penetration is absolutely necessary.
  • The Financial Servitude Orgasm – this is produced by shopping, gifting, spoiling and treating a woman like a complete Spoiled Princess! This is a mental, physical and wallet stimulating orgasm!

Ok, you may have caught on by now…………….these are actually all of MY favorite types of orgasms! But I’m sure the woman in your life would love any and all of them, too!


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