Many of you know that I am a fantasy Giantess Mistress; I absolutely love the entire idea of shrinking, tinies, amazon women, etc. I wanted to share an excerpt of a recent blog post I contributed to our Giantess Phone Sex blog…..just a bit of a tease……..

I recently had an amazing Giantess Phone Sex session with a creative macrophilia enthusiast! In this particular roleplay; I was a girlfriend that actually shrunk my boyfriend!

We imagined that I was his disgruntled girlfriend; tired of him always chasing around the other girls at the gym. While having tea with the family matriarch and told her about my issue with his wandering eyes and hands. I was stunned to hear her tell me, with a glimmer in her eyes, that the women in our family had a secret shrinking potion recipe! It had been passed down from generation to generation! Apparently; I hadn’t had a need for this potion in the past but she felt that now was the time to share it with me.

Want to know what happened? You can read the rest of this fantasy at Giantess Phone Sex!

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