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Pain & Pleasure

Pain & Pleasure

I know you think about My nipples quite often. Why wouldn’t you?! They are quite sensitive, perky and addictive! Just for today though, let’s focus on YOUR nipples. Most men find their nipples are quite sensitive to the touch. Imagine my warm tongue sliding up and down your nipple; creating an erection…..in your nipples! That’s right, your nipples are filled with erectile tissues just like your penis is! The more you stimulate and sensitize them; the harder they become!

Extreme Nipple Weights

Imagine adding these Extreme Nipple Weights to your solo or partner play! These nipple clamps are the perfect way to experience pain mixed with pleasure. The alligator clamps are adjustable and will provide a steady squeezing of those sensitive nipples. In addition, these clamps come with a set of weights as well. Adding one of the four weights will simulate someone pulling, tugging or even sucking on each of your nipples. You can add weights as you become more experienced.

Amplify The Sensations

I would love for you to have these nearby during a Guided Masturbation Session! I will walk you through using the clamps for the first time and every time. I’ll help you add weights as you become more and more aroused and are able to take more pain and pleasure. If we want to twist things up; I will have you use one of the clamps on your BALLS! You read correctly; if you’re into CBT (cock and ball torture), you’ll soon feel the clamp and weights on your balls and perhaps even….your cock.

Order your Extreme Nipple Weights and then give me a call or email me to schedule your next phone fantasy session.

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