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Scarlet Teaches Her Cuckold a Lesson in Chastity
Chapter 3 of 4

So, here I sit, again on my 3rd and final attempt to acquire Mistress a real man to satisfy her needs. I’m so afraid I’ll fail Mistress again.

Mistress is waiting

Mistress is waiting

Oh, the deviousness that courses through her head to extract vengeance. I know she has something incredibly wicked planned if I fail. This has already been the most humiliating, degrading, emasculating and miserable punishment to date. The males that I had approached in the last two evenings just laughed at me and didn’t even believe my story.

He did not want to Disappoint Her

Tonight though, I’m at an exclusive club. I had to tip the door man $100 just to get inside! Watching the power couples and executives socialize is a different world from mine. Here, a silk suit neatly pressed and near mirror polished shoes are the standard. Not exactly my beer budget crowd. A glimmer of hope, there is one handsome man at the far end of the bar. Over a dozen men, women and couples have casually spoken with him for a few minutes and then moved onto socialize elsewhere, as if he became bored with their chatter. I see nearly every woman visually devouring him, but still he sits alone.  He looks straight enough. He has an aura of being the Alpha Dominant male in the entire place. He is perpetually scanning and taking in every little movement. WAIT!  Mistress did say, “As a male lion surveying his pride.”  Could this be him?

He Approached the Alpha male

I approach hesitantly almost mouse-like and meek. With each approaching step I feel more useless, insignificant and inferior than any man should ever be made to feel.  I speak to him without looking up, “Dear Sir, my Mistress has sent me here as punishment for my own failings as a male. She wisely locked me up in chastity and has sent me out to find a real man.”  He surprisingly says, “Go on…” I explain my Mistress’s needs and desires and how I am unable to adequately fulfill them; therefore She cuckolds me.   He barks at me, “Enough said. I know exactly what your Mistress needs.”

Mistress will soon know Pleasure

He takes a monogrammed watermarked notepad and platinum pen from his jacket inner pocket.  He sets them on the bar. “Write your Mistress’ name, telephone number, address and what time she wishes to be serviced by a real man. You can write, can’t you?  I shall be there punctually for you to open the door for me. Now scurry back to your Mistress and tell her to be prepared for a real man to visit her.” He commanded.

Stay tuned next week for the final chapter! Will this mystery man be able to fulfill Mistress’ needs? Will the unruly cuckold even get to watch? Hmmmmmm. I haven’t decided yet. What do YOU think? Post in the comments section here with your ideas and suggestions for the finale.

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