Sometimes a phone call or even a live chat session on Skype just isn’t possible – that’s why I’m now offering an exclusive e-mail package! Before purchasing this package; make sure that you and I have discussed it. You can email me at or even chat with me on Skype (thescarletmistress). You have two package options; a 10 minute package or a 20 minute package.

Phone Sex With Scarlet 1.800.601.6975

What can we do or talk about in email? Oh just use your imagination! We can do anything! Imagine writing me an email; asking me for advice or maybe sharing a fantasy or an experience that you had – you can even add photos or a video or even a link to a video you’d like me to watch. I’ll read your email, look at pics and watch the videos – then I’ll email you back with my thoughts, maybe a task to do, a suggestion, a compliment, a critique or just something to let you know how hot I think it is! I’ll keep track of the time I spend reading your emails and writing responses until I feel I’ve spent a minimum of ten minutes (this should be at least three email responses) or 20 minutes (around six or so email responses). Don’t worry; I’ll let you know if we’re at our time limit; no worries! Here are a few extra tips about email packages:

  • You can take your time writing your emails; you’re not paying per minute for sharing your thoughts, etc.
  • Expect a well thought out, teasing and erotic email reply from me in a timely manner.
  • You are allowed to add personal photos and videos to your emails.
  • You don’t have to use all of our time in one sitting; it’s ok if it’s over a few days.
  • Note that I don’t email pictures of myself.

If an email package isn’t what you need right now or you want something more; consider of course a phone session or a live chat session on skype with me. I also offer pre-recorded erotic audios that you can purchase 24/7 and I create custom erotic audios as well. You have many options for exploring your kinks and fantasies with me; not sure what fits you best? Let’s talk! Email me or find me on skype: thescarletmistress – I look forward to collaborating with you!